Preparing for Prep at MDý

The journey of preparing your child for the exciting adventure of starting Prep marks a significant milestone for both parents, carers and children alike. It's a time filled with anticipation, excitement and perhaps a touch of nervousness as you embark on this new chapter together. At MDý, we understand the importance of laying a strong foundation for your child's educational journey and our Prep program is designed to do just that.

A Vibrant Learning Environment

From the moment you step into our Prep classrooms, you'll find a vibrant learning environment where every corner is filled with opportunities for exploration and discovery. Through our play and project-based pedagogy, inspired by the renowned Walker Learning approach, children are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning journey. From hands-on activities to imaginative projects, our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity, foster creativity, promote collaboration, enhance communication skills and nurture critical thinking abilities. It's not just about what children learn; it's about how they learn, setting the stage for a lifetime of learning success.

Preparing for Prep: A Shared Responsibility

As parents and carers, you play a crucial role in preparing your child for the transition to Prep. While it's natural to feel a mix of emotions during this time, there are plenty of ways you can help your child feel confident and ready for their first day of school. Here are some gentle suggestions to guide you along the way:

  • Pre-School Preparation: Spend time with your child practicing essential skills like recognising and writing their first name, listening to stories and mastering basic self-care tasks such as dressing and using the toilet independently.
  • Prior to Beginning School: Familiarise your child with school routines by practicing packing a bag, using a lunchbox and discussing basic school expectations and routines. Establish consistent family routines to support the transition to school life.
  • Beginning School: As the big day approaches, ensure your child is familiar with their class details and teacher. Pack a nutritious morning tea, lunch and a fruit snack as well as water for the day and arrive early to help your child settle into the classroom routine. Be positive and enthusiastic about this new adventure, emphasising the excitement of learning and making new friends.

Helpful Tips for the First Day

Here are just a few hints to make the first day go smoothly:

  • You will be notified by email of your child’s class, teacher and room prior to the beginning of the school year so please advise us of any changed contact details between now and then.
  • Familiarise children with staff names. Here at MDý, we address staff by Mr, Mrs or Miss.
  • Please help to dress your child in the correct school uniform for their first day of school. Make sure your child has the school sun-safe play hat to wear in the playground.
  • Please pack food for morning tea and lunch for your child, as well as a fruit snack for the morning. Students are encouraged to have a bottle of water to drink in the classroom.
  • Bring your child to their classroom and help them unpack their school bag and place it at their named space on the rack outside the room.
  • Prep students commence learning at 8:30am. Classrooms are open from 8:15am. Let your child know you will settle them into an activity and then when the learning begins at 8:30am, it will be time for you to go.
  • Don’t ‘sneak’ away. Always tell your child when you are leaving and that you will be back at the end of the day when all the other parents and carers return. Students can be collected from the Prep classroom at 3:00pm.
  • Be positive. Talk about new things in a happy way.

Important Dates

Below are some important calendar entries for you to mark, more information will be sent directly to you closer to the time:

  • November (prior to your child commencing Prep) - Orientation Days
  • For the first week of Term 1, Prep attend from 8:30am - 1:00pm
  • Early in Term 1 we will hold a Prep Information Evening
  • Half way through Term 1 will be our Prep Family Picnic - a fun after school BBQ with games and music
  • Term 2 will see our very popular Under 8's Day
  • The last day of Term 2 will be our Grandparents' and Special Friends Day
  • Early in Term 3 we will celebrate 100 Days of Learning for Prep
  • Towards the end of Term 3 is our Book Week Character Parade
  • The last day of Term 3 is our Multicultural Expo - a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity of TLC
  • Term 4 will showcase student's artwork at our annual Art Exhibition
  • The end of year event is our Prep - Year 3 Christmas Celebration

There are many more special events throughout the year, families will be provided with a printed calendar that outlines most of the events or you can take a look at some of them in our online calendar: click here

Remember, starting Prep is just the beginning of an exciting educational journey filled with new experiences, friendships and opportunities for growth. We're here to support you and your child every step of the way and we can't wait to see what amazing adventures await!

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